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Sustainable Energy Supply

For our environment and with future generations in mind, the use of sustainable energy resources is of particular importance. Future oriented energy supply begins with the efficient use of energy, here and now.

Energy efficiency means that we use the minimum amount of energy to serve our needs. The Hotel Fire & Ice focuses on a sparing use of energy, choosing sustainable sources wherever possible. This we do for example by:

• The use of energy saving light bulbs, LED lighting, timer switches and motion sensors

• Having conference rooms with plenty of daylight and air conditioning which can be turned off

• Using darkening methods such as roller shutters, light blocking curtains and blinds

• Insulating buildings with high quality double glazing and wall insulation

• Fitting automatic room power cut-off systems controlled by key card door locks

• Using energy management: Regular data analysis of energy consumption from the source and the continual applying of measures to reduce usage

Sustainable Water Supply

Water is a valuable resource to us. That's why it is a matter of course to use water sparingly, efficiently and therefore sustainably. With this in mind we have taken concrete measures to optimize water consumption at the Hotel Fire & Ice:

• Central flow limiters or aerators for all water outlets and wash basins

• Water saving flush levers for WC cisterns

• Regular checks of taps for leaks and scale

• Application of the 'towel rule' > changing towels only on request

• Using resource management: Regular data analysis of water consumption and the continual applying of measures to reduce usage

Responsible use of Packaging Material

Around half the daily amount of waste produced is packaging material. The less waste produced, the less has to be separated, collected and disposed of. Responsible use of packaging material is for us the requirement for reducing the amount of waste generated.

Further measures at the Hotel Fire & Ice are for example:

• The use of re-usable products

• Disciplined separation of waste and re-use of packaging material in the offices kitchens and bars

• Minimum possible use of single portion products (e.g. jams and cerials)

• Drinks in the conference areas are served only in carafes or re-usable bottles

• Use of big packs e.g. litre bottles and feeding waste into the relevant recycling systems

• Shower gel and shampoos in dispensers in the bathrooms and touch-free soap dispensers for the public toilets

• Waste disposal management: Regular data analysis of waste formation and the continual applying of measures to reduce it

Sustainable Transportation

A central objective of environmental politics is the environmentally acceptable realization of the necessary mobility of society. It is of great significance to us to support this goal as much as possible and to include you in our sustainability system.

We can offer you the following possibilities:

• Arrival using public transportation (train and bus) is possible. The Hotel Fire & Ice is well situated close to the Autobahn A46, free bus parking is available at the Skihalle

• For exploring the surrounding area the hotel has its own bicycle hire, open during the warmer months

• 2 charging stations for e-bikes

• Short distances to airports and train stations

• Shuttle service for popular trade fares or events

• Cooperation with nearby food producers and suppliers (e.g. apples from the Castle Dyck fruit market, vegetables and potatoes from Willich)

Social Sustainability

Also regarding our social responsibilities, sustainable practice is important to us. Within our company this concerns the treatment of staff, relationships to guests and suppliers and the social environment. Our social commitments are for example:

• Accessibility to the greatest possible extent (even as far as access to the piste)

• Room cleaning is done by in-house hotel staff

• Tolerance and cultural diversity among the staff: In and around the Hotel Fire & Ice a team of people from 25 countries are at work. Each individual is called upon to add their particular style of life to our own Alpine flair

• Around 30 trainees and dual vocational/academic course students join the allrounder group of companies every year

• The use of a personnel management system

• We place great importance on cooperation between "old and young"

• The Hotel Fire & Ice as a part of the allrounder group of companies offers young people - even during their training - the opportunities for career development and continual improvement

• We have a laid-down set of company objectives and guidelines

• We offer special family prices. Children under 6 stay and eat free of charge. Entry to the Skihalle is also free to children under 6 when accompanied by an adult

• Free outdoor adventure playground

• Family and friend rates for staff

• Participation in sporting events (Business-Run)

• Cooperation with regional and certified suppliers


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